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Welcome to Belita Lubemba Gifts Store

In this store you can
  1. Buy items on discounted prices
  2. Find free offers, Free E_Cards and many more
  3. Send Gifts to your Loved ones, Friends, Relatives and others around the world. 

How to send and how the gifts are sent:

Instructions Steps

  • Click on categories, then, Click on any category which has the gift you wish to send,
  • Make your choice by select the item you want to send as a gift to your friend(s) or relative(s) or Loved one(s).
  • Click on the title of the Item to view more details. Then proceed to add the item to basket and then to checkout to make payment for the gift.
  • In the Billing Address forms; in the "Bill to Address" form fill in your details and in the "Ship to Address" form fill in the details of your friend or relative where the gift will be sent, unless you want the gift to be sent to you, then fill in your details.
  • When the payments for the gift and the shipping address have been received by Belita Lubemba Gifts, then Bible4health Missions which handles Gifts on behalf of Belita Lubemba Gifts will despatch your Gift to the address indicated in the "Ship to address" form.
  • If you select any Item which indicated FREE or has no price, you will be required to pay shipping charges only, before the item can be shipped. Except for virtual Gifts which are only sent online.
    When payment is complete then go back to the item you have just purchased and click on "Email this Item to a friend" which will take you to the form where you will be reguired to fill in your friends Name and Email address and then your name and your email address the click send and you are done

Featured Items

KJV Compact Bible: Hardback, Red Letter

KJV Compact Bible: Hardback, Red Letter

Sale Price : $12.00
Was : $13.20
Above Suffering and Guilt

Above Suffering and Guilt

Above Suffering and Guilt Roy C. Naden Paperback Booklet. Helpful information on how to build good relationships with your children
Sale Price : $2.85
Was : $3.10
Immunocal (Powder)

Immunocal (Powder)

IMMUNOCAL: It is a very high quality protein that provides all the amino acids your body needs, and, more critically, it raises a ?glutathione?. which plays many roles in your body. it is Antioxidant: Immune booster, a Detoxifier and energy booster
Sale Price : $157.99
Was : $159.95
Proargi-9 Plus (Powder)

Proargi-9 Plus (Powder)

ProArgi-9 Plus includes highest quality L-Arginine, L-citrulline the amino acid metabolised in the body to yield more L-arginine which enables long lasting production of nitric oxide. Also helps to optimise blood flow and oxygen throughout the body
Sale Price : $98.99
Was : $100.75
Professional Platinum Cooking System x 21 Piece Titanium Cookware

Professional Platinum Cooking System x 21 Piece Titanium Cookware

Health and Nutrition Cooking system Cookware made from Medical Surgical Stainless Steel. The cookware in this booklet are engineered to combat 8 Enemies of Nutrition in our Kitchens, for prevention, reverse and management of lifestyle diseases.
Sale Price : $1,175.99
Was : $1,184.45
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